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Curbside Service Guidelines

Curbside Service Guidelines

We ask that all our customers adhere to a few simple guidelines to help us keep our operations running smoothly.

icon Fall 2013 Residential Service Guide


1. Place all carts at the curb the night before your service day or before 6:00 AM the day of service

2. Place carts at least two feet apart with wheels facing away from the street at the curb to help prevent carts from being tipped over as they are serviced using our semi-automated collection system.

mss dualsort open full flat no 043. Cart lids must close completely. Environmental regulations dictate that cart lids must be closed at all times to prevent spillage. Carts that are consistently overloaded and not closed may indicate the need to upgrade to the next larger cart size. Please call our customer service department for available options at 415-456-2601.

4. Remove any weights, bungee cords or ropes that were used to secure the lids of carts on your pick-up day. These can cause problems with the equipment and undue delays for the driver.

5. Carts must weigh less than 60 pounds. All carts have a 60-pound weight limit to prevent injury to our drivers and to allow for the proper operation of the automated collection machinery. Carts that are overweight or overloaded may also cause injury to customers while being moved to the curb.

6. If you have more than 60 pounds of garbage or garbage that will not fit in your curbside cart, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your service day at (415) 456-2601 and we will pick up these extras for a nominal fee. (Special Residential Services for other large household item collection services).

7. Please remember to break down your cardboard boxes before placing them in the blue lid of the Dual Sort Container.  If you have extra cardboard, it MUST be packed in small 2 x 2 x 2 bundles and left by the recycling container.  Larger bundles will not fit in the slot in the truck. 

8.  Extra Yard Waste*: All cities and towns are allowed to set out 2 extra 32-gallon cans of  yard waste EVERY week. Keep your driver safe. Please do not set out containers that are larger than this and make sure items are not sticking out of the container.  Large, overoladed containers can cause serious injury to our drivers. *Some jurisdicitions are allowed other yard waste limits by contract.  Please contact our office at 415-456-2601 if you are unsure of the limits in your area.

Please do not turn your green cart into a vase! Thank You for keeping our drivers safe!


MSS GreenWasteVase clp




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