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Service Options and Cart Sizes

Service Options and Cart Sizes 
Get on the path to Zero waste! The less garbage you make, the more money you save!

Marin Sanitary Service is pleased to offer residents the following four service options, which all include weekly collection of recycling in our dual-sort carts (paper and mixed plastics, metals, and glass bottles and containers) and yard waste/food scrap collection with your standard residential solid waste ("garbage") collection service.  

These options vary according to the size of solid waste (garbage) container desired: 20-gallon, 32-gallon, 64-gallon or 96-gallon. All containers have sturdy handles and wheels making the curbside set out process more convenient. Below are three of the four cart size options we offer for residential collection of garbage, recycling, and yard waste/ food scraps (please note, there is not an image of the 96 gallon cart but it is available if needed).

Only the size of the Gray garbage cart varies. Our BROWN dual sort recycling cart is 64-gallons (32-gallons on the BLUE lid paper side and 32-gallons on the BROWN lid mixed recycling side) as is our Green cart for yard waste and food scraps. 

mss cartsuites-gry64gal 041212


mss cartsuites-gry32gal 041212


mss cartsuites-gry20gal 041212


Get on the path to Zero waste! The less garbage you make, the more money you save!

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